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The debut album of BLACK .44 is completed.

The debut album of BLACK .44 is completed. Release date 28 August 2015. Digisingle in July.

BLACK .44 has been busy in the studio this spring. Their very first album is now ready and will be released on 28 August 2015 by Inverse Records. The album is called “No Blanks”. It contains 9 songs, which take the listener on a journey to the BLACK .44 world of strong riffs and feisty melodies. It’s spiced up with a pinch of southern metal and stoner wibes.

One of the songs, “The Outlaw”, will be available on 24 July 2015 as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

“No Blanks” includes the following songs:

1. Overcome

2. Hometown Murderer

3. The Red Saint

4. Into the Grace

5. Born Wrong

6 .The Outlaw

7. The Eyes Above

8. Shit Hits The Fan

9. From Right to Wrong