plays stoner and southern influenced metal and comes from the capital area of Finland. The Band was founded in spring 2011 when the songwriter/guitarist/vocalist, Jason, cocked the hammer of his revolver by asking his friend Pete to pick up the bass guitar and join the band. After listening the first homemade demos, Pete was in. Pete knew that Antti would be the guy to take up the lead guitar duties since Antti & Pete had played many years together. Last but not least, Jason asked the drummer Mikko from his previous band project to join the fun. Some weeks later the very first band rehearsals took place in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. Shots were fired – Black .44 was born.

In May 2012 Black .44 went to record their first demo-EP at IVK-studios, Helsinki. A Self-titled demo-EP was released in fall 2012. The demo-record got some great feedback in the Finnish metal media. The first gig took place in the famous underground Club PRKL in Helsinki on 01 August 2014. Well worth the wait – the show was a success! This was followed by more gigs in Helsinki and it’s neighboring cities the highlight being a Tuska Festival 2015 afterparty show at On The Rocks in June 2015.

Black .44 released their first full-length album “No Blanks” in fall 2015. It’s an ass-kicking riff-based 9 track metal album with some stoner, sludge and southern wibes. The band wanted to keep things quite simple and make a groovy, catchy and rocking metal album that gets your head nodding and your fist in the air. An album that is just pure fun to listen to. No Blanks was released 28 August 2015 via Inverse Records and it debuted nr. 19 on The Official Finnish Charts and nr. 4 on Rumba-magazine most sold albums chart.

Recently the band has rocked some live shows on a regular basis. The summer of 2016 reached its climax when Black .44 threw a couple of shows with Dave Evans (Ex-singer of AC/DC) and made its festival debut in Karjurock. After a few more gigs, Black .44 started to work on their second album. Project “I Define Discipline” started on November 2016 in Jyväskylä at SN-Audio Productions. The band will be working on the album during the spring and summer 2017. The album will be set to release later this year.

Black .44 songs tell dark stories about your regular hometown murderers, these sick weirdos and those poor souls that just happen to be born crooked or just always seem to make the wrong choices in life. Masculine vocals, crooked lyrics and strong and powerful riffs added by a pinch of that good old southern groove, are the trademarks of Black .44. Highly recommended for fans of Black Sabbath, Down, Alice in Chains and Pantera who like their favourite music with a little modern twist.

Jason - Vocals & Guitars

Photo by J. Tanskanen

Antti - Lead Guitars

Photo by J. Tanskanen

Pete - Bass

Photo by J. Tanskanen

Mikko - Drums

Photo by J. Tanskanen